VLASVEZELBEDRIJF LEON VANDECASTEELE N.V. was founded in 1922 in the centre of one of the world’s best flax regions. Since 4 generations, this family business has built up an appreciated product knowledge .

We buy the raw materials directly from the scutching mills in Belgium, the Netherlands and France , which enables us to control the quality for our own production as well as for the trading of the flax fibres.

VDC FLAX FIBRES controls all aspects of the production process: from the visits to the flax farmers to the quality control during the whole production process. The result is a high standard product adapted to the needs of each specific customer.

A flexible organisation, friendly service and product knowledge makes VDC FLAX FIBRES a reliable supplier for companies worldwide. VLASVEZELBEDRIJF LEON VANDECASTEELE N.V. is active in different fields

we export worldwide long and short fibres
we have our own production units for
• Cottonised flax fibre
• Carded flax
• Rescutched tow
• Carded tow
• Cut flax fibres
Vlasvezelbedrijf Leon Vandecasteele n.v. - Izegemsestraat 71 - 8860 Lendelede - Belgium - BTW: BE 0412.691.052 - Tel.: +32 51 30 06 56